Wednesday, 8 August 2012


 Happiness - The most sought after but equally elusive goal !!!
          In this era,a few people think that getting on the top of the job and making money is a clear-cut way to happiness.Then there is rare breed which find happiness in generosity.
   Then lets not forget most touted messiah of happiness "LOVE".Majority of people feel that pursuit of happiness ends up in finding their soul mates.
   But if this is so,then Why was king Midas unhappy? Why is it that we find most of the people grumbling about ingratitude of people they were generous to.
   At the risk of being called a cynic this exchange of jokes about lovers,men,women and grumbles and grudges.I have to listen from people supposedly in love.I wonder where that happiness, that the love was going to bring has gone.All you seekers of happiness,happiness goes beyond good fortune or titillation of senses.It's not searched but it exists in you.So,don't search it out but look inside you befriend happiness.You will find your world changing...
    Three guidelines lead you to happiness..
   1) Don't enslave your life to the liking or disliking of others and give the same privilege to others.

   2) Love yourself as a precious creation of GOD,that will teach you to appreciate others also as the same.

  3) Don't let the feeling of sacrifice be the part of your life ; It generates unhappiness..Remember,Life is not a sacrifice but it's an experience to enjoy.


Anonymous said...

realy nice and true .....those three guidelines are just awesome who ever applys it to own self will definately be served with the happiness from within..:)

Ushma Patel said...

Mast che..
Life is never a sacrifice, its just making place for better, always!
You write well!

GBR said...

Good one.

Unknown said...

Very well said.... Happiness is a key of success.
"Always remain positive", How old you get to remain young you need HAPPINESS